Function and Art meets with 3D Architectural CAD Models


Get the best of science and art with 3D Architectural CAD Models

The main job of any CAD model designers is to design Architectural 3d cad models which looks pleasing to the eye, as well as is fully functional. The functionality means that if the building is to be created for a multiplex, then it should have soundproofing in the walls or if it is to be used as a hospital, then it should have ramp or bigger sized lifts or escalators so that the patients can be moved easily in wheelchairs and stretchers. If this is not there, then the whole project loses its functionality. Another aspect of functionality is that all the elements of the project should be such that they fit seamlessly with each other and they do not disturb the people. Let us take the hospital’s example again, if the general ward is right next to ICU, it may cause a lot of disturbance to the seriously sick patients.  Since there are various minute intricacies that needs to be kept in mind, architects make use of CAD software in order to ensure that there are no discrepancies when the project hits the floor.

One of the most beneficial aspect of CAD drafting services is that it is easily editable. Which means after the initial drafts, and looking at the final design if the architect or any party associated with the project feels that there needs to be a change in the design, it could be easily revised.


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