Factors to consider while opting for Architectural 3D Design

When a firm opts for Architectural Interior Design, they need to understand that it contains 4 main elements, namely, appearance, comfort, lighting and economy. If your outsourcing partner is able to bring together all these in your design, then you have a hit in your hands. These four elements are critical to look at in every stage of the business construction, be it refurbishment, relocation or even redevelopment.


At Rayvat Engineering, our team of designers have come together and researched on how to best use these elements in our design to create high quality 3D Architectural Design. Each of these four elements is equally important, but it is only the most experienced designers that are able to include all four in complete harmony. Which is why we ensure all our work is done by designers who are well versed in making all these elements work in harmony.

Let us take each of these one by one and try to understand how each of them is so important. The first important element that we see is the appearance. Let us take example of an office space to understand this better, the appearance of the space that would be used for a person whose sole purpose of having this design is to sit and work on the desk the whole day would be quite different from someone who spends his/her time having meetings. While the office space must look attractive for both, it would differ in appearance. In the former case, the design would be created while focusing on the employee’s work needs, and in the later case the design would focus on making the environment more inspiring and pleasing to those who enter these rooms.

The second point that needs to be considered is comfort. The designer should keep in mind the comfort of the person who will be using the design. If we take the previous example, for the former case, the designer would need to ensure that the employee gets calm and peace while ensuring that the atmosphere is lively, while in the later case, the designer has to see that the place is easily accessible and can fit as many people as required.

The third point is lighting. Even when everything is perfect, if lighting is not proper, it could kill the whole design. There should be a sufficient balance between the natural and indoor lighting depending upon the climate and weather of the place. For every hot places, there should not be too many glass windows as it would heat up the place, subtle things like that would make a huge difference.

The last element is economy. Whatever the designer designs, the final outcome should be within the client’s budget. What is the use of a great design, if it never sees the light of the day?

Which is why only a truly experienced designers, like the ones we have at Rayvat, are able to create great designs keeping all these in mind. If you want to outsource your Architectural 3D designs to us, feel free to send us an email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact US Rayvat Engineering company for Architectural Design Services  details.


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