New trends in 3D Architectural Design

Use of finials in 3D Architectural Design

If we look at the numerous architectural structures through the decade, we find that finials would usually be found in them. If you look closer, finials have been accepted not just for their ornamental value, but they also add a style and a finish to the project. It does help that they come in various colours, sizes, shapes and of various materials in order to give complete satisfaction to the customers.


One of the reasons finials are so accepted that it’s use is quite versatile. It can be used everywhere from terraces to walls. It could also be used in fences as well as windows for more decoration. It also blends great with metal awnings in order to give a designer touch to rooftops.

One of the new frens that we see these days are the wood finials which are made of laminated dry 3D Exterior Rendering glue which is then painted in various colours. It is also treated with various oil based essence that would protect it from insects. It has a very rustic and a beautiful appeal.

We, at Rayvat Engineering, help you showcase the different ways in which you decide to use these finials with our most photorealistic 3D Architectural design. While anyone who knows these softwares can create Architectural Designs services, at Rayvat, we hire experts who have worked on these designs for ages and know how to use techniques and manipulate lightings and textures in a way that would make the design look extremely realistic. When you come to us, we understand the find of colours or materials you have in mind when you start creating the actual product and then we replicate the design in a way that it looks like that exact material. So you can get an idea as to how you have visualized would look in real life. Visit us, or browse our website for ideas on our previous work.


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