About Us



We are here to help YOU succeed. Rayvat Engineering is a leading multidisciplinary Global Outsourcing Engineering industry to India specializing in Animations, Architectural Services, Structural Services and Mechanical Services. We Endeavor to help you in all your Outsourcing Engineering Design Services. We also offer customized services based on our client’s requirements.

We understand that great renders and high quality engineering help you gain a competitive edge, and we would go to every end to see this happen.


We Endeavour to gain 100% customer satisfaction, by offering state-of-the-art Benefits of Outsourcing Engineering Services in the most cost effective and least turnaround time possible.

We aspire to have the best talent pool of professionals working with us, so that our clients have the best services possible under one roof.

Our goal is to create the most efficient and sustainable buildings for the future.

About Promoter

Ravyat Engineering was founded by Mr. Jinendra Shah, CEO of “Jenya” an Information Technology based marketing firm.

He has a rich experience of marketing in virtual environment and cross border business of 8 years. Jinendra is a first generation entrepreneur with a vision of creating a 1250+ people Outsourcing center at Gandhinagar.