BIM Modeling

BIM Building Information Modeling

BIM Building Information Modeling, 3D building design has caught the fancy of almost all industry experts due to the versatility that it offers in terms of design as well as ideas. The best part of having 3D building design is that it is so photo realistic that it quite literally breathes life into the projects of our clients. The images thus formed are so lifelike that no other software can do so.

One of the major reason behind this book is the entrance of three dimensional technology (3D) in the entertainment industry. Since people know this is possible, it is what they would like to achieve. If we look at it technologically, the 3D building design creation is much easier and time consuming than the ones that you would typically see in movies.

BIM modeling services

BIM 3D modeling services:

Our team provides professional BIM 3D modeling services along with structural modeling in the most detailed services.The level of details we use are LOD 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500.

Clash Coordination and Detections:

We offer clash coordination and detection services that facilitates BIM  clash detections, NavisWorks, 3D clash detections as well as clash resolutions.

Quality Takeoffs:

Since it is our goal to provide end to end services to our clients, we offer quality take offs services in order to assist with the BIM generated procurement process. We work with our clients to research and improve on the existing set of data in order to gain maximum value.

BIM 4D AND 5D Services:

We convert 3D BIM to 4D or 5D BIM, along with providing various simulations.

BIM Cost Estimating:

We analyse the project, while ensuring that the probability of errors is zero.When you work with us, we would ensure that all your requirements are met. Contact us for more details.